“Stizz Lifestyle is all about, doing what you want and being successful at it. With Stizz, I wanted to create quality product, that would motivate people to challenge what is expected of them...”

            -Stizz Lifestyle Founder,

             Samir Chibane, 2013



More than a brand, Stizz is a frame of mind. With just a heat press, printer, and a can’t lose mentality, Samir Chibane began designing his own T-shirts.  In 2011, Samir Chibane’s brainchild, Stizz Lifestyle was born.  Stizz quickly gained a cult following and has now become one of Boston’s most sought after independent clothing brands.

The mission of Stizz Lifestyle is to inspire and motivate others to accomplish whatever they most desire, and he renders the blueprint within his company logo.  The key to achieve is embedded in the brand’s three symbols; the eye of Horus signifying respect, the King’s Crown symbolizing power, and lastly the Dollar ($) representing the pursuit of wealth.

Stizz Lifestyle will continue to push the envelope of creative design, producing innovative, cutting edge products that tap into the inner hustler in all of us.   With impervious drive, a myriad of artistic talent and his finger pulse, Chibane and Stizz Lifestyle will continue to ascend and gain the following of even the toughest critics. 

- Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop